The online world of virtual gaming is no longer a small niche market for a very select portion of the population. Virtual gaming has risen steadily in popularity over recent years, and is now a primary pastime for many people. Neopets is no exception. The virtual game allows players to create accounts and own virtual pets, called Neopets. The virtual pet-owner can then purchase, food, toys, clothes and other accessories using Neopets’ currency, called Neopoints. The virtual world, Neopia, actually has its own economy and stock market based on Neopoints. has created a site that appeals to those people involved in the Neopets online game world, by allowing visitors to the site to Buy Neopoints  or Neopets in order to further their foray into the virtual world of Neopets.

“Neopets is a game that so many people around the world play,” said their spokesperson, “but yet there is a great deal of people that don’t know they can purchase Neopoints. Purchasing Neopoints is a great way to get further in the game, which is good for all of the people that love the game and have made it a pivotal part of their life.” offers a number of products for the Neopets game, in addition to Neopoints. These include paint brushes, avatar items, morphing potions, Draik eggs, and a number of other Neopets-related items.

“There are a lot of people who have been playing Neopets for years, yet they don’t know that a site like ours exists,” they said. “And for those players who do know about sites like ours, they may have a bad idea of what it is that we do, because they’ve come across similar sites that have turned out to be a scam. We not only offer the best prices on our products, but we focus on safety for our customers.” understands the safety concerns of customers, and combats these by taking extra safety precautions to ensure a positive experience for buyers. According to TheNeopetsStore, research methods are used to ensure the site is always using the most secure methods to guarantee customer safety.  TheNeopetsStore is revolutionary in the industry. It is one of the first websites that offer their customers the option to Buy Neopets, this combined with their packages of Neopoints and array of items truly make it possible for anyone to reach the pinnacle of the game. The site currently has the safest transfer methods available compared to other sites; all Neopoints and Neopets items are delivered have the option to come on preloaded accounts, where they have been sitting for years.

“Our site is a great resource for people who love Neopets,” they said. “We offer great products, security and place a strong emphasis on customer service.”

About is a PayPal verified business, offering the best priced Neopoints and Neopets items to online gamers. The company earns all of their Neopoints legitimately via restocking and reselling on a daily basis and have been doing so for years.